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Amplify Your Progressive
Christian Voice Online

And Draw Your Audience to You

Amplify Your Progressive
Christian Voice Online

And Draw Your Audience to You

Specialized Services Tailored For Progressive Christian...

Spiritual Communities

Spiritual Directors

Spiritual Entrepreneurs

The Best Way to Connect with Your Ideal Audience in a Digital Age

With so many people practically living online right now, you need a powerful website that is designed and written to captivate and connect with your ideal audience.

A well-designed and well-written website empowers you to…

Create a safe space so visitors can check you out without feeling threatened, which increases the chances of them sticking with you.

 Present your message to a mass audience without the overhead that comes with renting or owning an expensive building or auditorium. 

Expand your reach far beyond where you live and open the doors to greater impact in the world.

Woman Looking at Progressive Christian Website on Her Laptop

Imagine the possibilities...

If your ideal audience could come to your website, consume a taste of what you personally offer, and hunger for more after their visit…what would happen next?

A New Age with Unparalleled Opportunity

The audience is out there and hungry for the progressive spiritual option, but they cannot find those who can help them find their way and are giving up in despair.


The help is out there and trying to make noise to get attention, but they cannot find the right audience and become frustrated not knowing what to do next.

How much would things change if you could connect with the right audience in the right way at the right time?

Vernon "Bo" McGuffee - Owner of Progressive Christian Websites

I Want to Connect You with Your Audience

I’m Vernon “Bo” McGuffee, a progressive Christian who wants to help others like myself get their messages out there so they can help transform lives and make a difference in the world. (For more, my bio is here.)

I’m your one-stop-shop for copywriting, website design, and website creation. Yes, I do it all. 

And, since part of my mission in life is to help your mission succeed, you know I’ll pour my all into building you a progressive Christian website that takes your mission to the next level.

So, lets’ talk about how I can help you.

Progressive Christian Websites' Services

Digital Evangelism Services

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Website Design & Copywriting

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Marketing Strategy & Advice

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Get on My Calendar Now

Go ahead and grab a spot on my calendar for a Discernment Call. We’ll talk for about 45 minutes. This will give us the opportunity to ask each other questions and determine whether we are a good match for me to build you a progressive Christian website. 

You are not committing to anything other than a conversation. The time with me is free. And I don’t bite. So this call is no-risk for you. 

Why put it off? It’ll be fun!

(Don’t forget to bring coffee. Coffee is an important part of all Discernment Calls.)